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Thriving is a trapezoidal shawl with garter stitch, German short rows, and colorful lace panels. used a neutral for my main color which is worked in garter stitch. German short rows are in the garter stitch section, and the short rows shape the shawl. Thriving is wider on one end than on the other, and also angled on each end. The lace panels are worked in 3 contrasting colors. You can choose any contrasting colors that you love.  I chose 2 colors that were also fairly neutral, and one that gave a pop of color!  

I used Woolfolk Tynd for this pattern. Tynd is fingering weight. so you can absolutely substitute other fingering weight yarns. All of the yardages/meters for the various sizes are listed below, so check your stash!   I named this shawl pattern Thriving because of the time that I worked on it, the spring of 2020 and the COVID19 virus. I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work at home during this time period. This is when I found out that I have no problem being a hermit. I love having control over my time, so that I can do my work for my day job when I want to, and I can also work on my patterns when I am most inspired. 

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