I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so after I closed my travel agency in the wake of 911 and major changes to the travel industry, I was on the lookout to do something else businessy. I loved to knit, and I really wanted to be my own boss, so I set out on a journey to combine knitting and business. I first tried selling knitted items at Craft Fairs. That is a lot of physical work, and just a guessing game about what people would be willing to purchase. It was fun, but not really a sustainable business.

I began to realize that I tweaked most of the patterns that I knit, and those tweaks got me thinking. Maybe I could design my own patterns. Shortly after that, I had to pull the Algebra and Geometry out of the recesses of my mind. Thankfully, I had Jr High age kids at that time, and a sister who is a math teacher. I just dove in and figured I could teach myself how to do it. Long story short, my first couple years produced some patterns that I am a little embarrassed about now. The finished items were fine... but the writing could have been better. During this time period, I worked part time in a yarn store, then later, full time in an office doing desk top publishing, web design and social media marketing, and many other tasks as needed in a small office setting.

I moved out of the beginner stage in my knitwear design business to the Hobby Job stage. I was better at the writing, designing, and size grading. I started to develop a small group of fans. I even occasionally saw someone wearing one of my designs! That can really put a smile on your face. I was still working full time, and supporting my hobby with my pattern sales. I self published and did free-lance work for a few magazines and yarn companies.


My goal is to write clear and easy to follow patterns for sweaters, shawls & accessories that I would love to have in my wardrobe, and these are knitwear garments that I am sure you will love wear too. Small portions of the designs may challenge you to learn a new knitting skill and keep your brain engaged, but these patterns are not difficult to knit. The patterns are very accessible for intermediate knitters and confident beginners.

I continue at my day job, but I have dedicated myself to building my design and pattern writing business into a sustainable business. I want my passion to be my work, and I promise to work hard to provide quality designs and patterns that you will want to knit.

My other interests include my faith, my family, camping, hiking, travel, exercise and the great outdoors. We have Barred Owls in the woods behind our house, which is why I traded out the ball of yarn and knitting needles for the beautiful Barred Owl. I may just dress him in knitwear once and a while! The puppy is Barley. He is a sweatheart and the star of Knit Night!

I hope that you will follow along on this journey with me!  Grab some yarn and pick a pattern. Let me know if you need a pointer or two. I am happy to help you make something that you will treasure always.